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LogIt Rocks works in a wide range of work fields including rope access, masonry work, blacksmith work, carpentry, plumbing work, paint work and many more ...

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You will need a subscription to get access to the app and the portal. Send your information in the contact form and we will send you more details on how to register for a subscription.

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Logit.Rocks ApS is established in Denmark and provides a global online service that helps you log your workday. The service includes access to an App available for download in AppStore and Google Play. If you subscribe to the service you will also get accesss to a portal were you can add employees and invite others to submit reports to your projects. You can  also search and export all reported data.

Logit.Rocks ApS
Iglsøvej 11 Stoholm
7850 Denmark
+45 313 13 413
CVR-nr: 38147013